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What its all about

What It’s All About

The entire goal of Treat Fantastic is to make giving a gift easy. There are so many times you wish you could do a little something nice for someone, but you don’t want to break the bank, live too far away, or don’t know what they like.

We aim to provide a fun and straight forward process for you to send a gift of treats to whomever you like and they can select the specific treats they want.

Whether it be a perfect Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift,  perfect birthday gift, a get well message, employee recognition or any occasion you want to remember someone with, our gifting service allows you to Treat Others Fantastically. You treat your favorite person by gifting them a gift box to fill with their favorites. Your special person then picks from a selection of sweet or savory treats that is sure to please. It’s a perfect gift 100% of the time. We’ll then send a beautiful box of happiness their way.